Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I share content?

    Once logged in, select Share from the left-hand menu. Click the social platform icon next to the article you wish to share to launch the sharing function. Insert your (optional) comments and click “Post to Facebook.” We recommend adding your personal comments to each post for optimal performance. You can also schedule posts to be shared later in the day or week.

  2. How many times a day can I share content?

    There is no limit to how many articles you can to share. The more you post, the more money you can make, and the easier it is for Zumby to tailor content to you to help keep your followers engaged.

  3. How do I make money?

    Once you share a piece of content, the social platform(s) will begin to place it in the newsfeed of your followers. As your followers see and click through your post, they will be taken to the originating publisher's page to view the full content. Upon that page view, you will earn money based on a pre-determined Cost per View (CPV) value. The more site visits you are able to generate, the more money you can earn.

  4. How do I get paid?

    Zumby currently pays influencers via PayPal. Please make sure to provide the necessary details in the Payments section of the platform to receive payment.

  5. When do I get paid?

    Zumby is currently paying on a weekly schedule, with payments being issued on either Friday or Monday.

  6. Does Zumby post on my behalf?

    You are always in complete control of your channel. Zumby will never post without your permission. The permission requested upon creation of your account is exclusively designed to support scheduling posts.

  7. Where can I track my earnings?

    The Home page is your full performance dashboard that details performance by post, in addition to aggregate earnings and clicks for the month. You can view different time periods by using the calendar function. Just remember to clicks both “Apply” and “Submit” in order to view your selected time period.

  8. Where can I see how my posts perform?

    The Home page is your full performance dashboard that details performance by post, in addition to aggregate earnings and clicks for the month.

  9. What type of content can I promote?

    Zumby only works with premium publishing partners who produce brand safe content conforming to Facebook’s terms and conditions. In addition, Zumby works direct with brands to create original content that may be of interest to your audience.

  10. Where can I share content?

    Zumby is currently integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Additional social platform integrations are in the works, including LinkedIn and Instagram.

    You may not share Zumby content outside of the Zumby platform if you want to receive credit for the associated clicks and visits. Zumby closely monitors traffic quality, and filters out anything that does not originate from a post shared on an approved social platform. When sharing outside of Zumby, you risk not receiving payment for traffic and your account may be suspended. .